Sunday, 14 October 2007

Busy, tiring weekend, but all good :)

What a busy weekend, 16 hours at work, a trip to the cinema and a mornings surfing, oh and an evening in the pub watching the rugby!

Rugby was awesome, England v France was properly good, not great in terms of play but it had all the drama, awesome!

Surf today at Saunton with Neil was ace, clean good sized waves but unfortunatly it was a little busy, but hey, its better then Welsh surf.................

Sunday, 30 September 2007

Busy, boring summer........zzzzzzzz

Thought I'd update my blog, is about time and have been pestered by Tom to sort it out so I've just got round to it now.
Been a long summer, mainly working at my "temporary" job at the mighty Roadchef and helping out at home with mums sheep and things. So heres some photos of what I've been up too, very boring............

Mums house in Berrien, Brittany, France. A week spent pointing the brickwork, hard work!!

The front finished, still most left to do..

Meg at a really wet Wakestock, was cool but dont think I'll be going again, its was very chavy and loads of teenagers!!!

Myself and Vic at graduation, it was cool but it rained!!!!

Squirting session, my first, at Flower Potts weir in Exeter. Good fun!

My feeble attempt at a quick video, just some squirt boating at flower potts wier in Exeter.

My first interview was at the museum of East Anglian Life, didn't get it but good experience and a fun day out!

A blurry London Paddington in rush hour.

See its all really fun, my plans now are to pass my driving test, finger crossed on the 3rd of October and then off to Manchester and Bangor! Cant wait!!! Still looking for a proooooper job, we'll jst keep at it, if all else fails I might take some time out in another part of the world next year and get some experiance somewhere cool :)

Friday, 22 June 2007

Alps 2007

Thought I'd update the blog as I've had quite an active couple of weeks.
I've now finished University completly which is really quite daunting but had an awesome summer/end of year ball. I got to meet the main man from Wheatus (Brenden i think he's called) and also got to watch the excellent Screaming Citizens, I reccommend them to everyone as they rock!
Anyway the ball was ace and my girlfriend Victoria looked stunning as per usual. Then at 9am the next morning my Dad arrived to give me a lift down south so that I could pack and ready myself for 2 weeks in the sunny French Alps.
Whilst out there we paddled the Upper, middle and lower Guil, the Ubaye racecourse, Fournel, Durance Gorge, Briancon Gorge, middle and lower Claree, sunshine run, upper and lower Guisane. There maybe others but I forget. It was an ace 2 weeks spending the majority of it paddling with Bangor Uni and then the last part with Tom and Leeds and I also spent a day with Sheffield which was cool. We also spent a lot of time drinking some tasty french wine and eating lots of cheese.
Heres some photos............Vic and me at the ball, shame I never look at cameras!

Tom on the ferry

Le car puf

Chataux Q, gorge wasn't for me this year

Woody on the largest drop of the Fournel

Me on the Durance gorge, thats supposedly a grade 5

Neil, Woody, myself and Kieran on the Durance gorge

Bridge over the Ubaye Racecourse!

It was an awesome holiday and now its back to the real world, lets hope we get some sunny weather!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

End of exams!

Fantastic to finally have finished my final exams of my degree, its been a really quick 3 years, I'm really going to miss being a student, Bangor is great!
I had 4 exams with my last on renewable energy on friday, I like to think they all went pretty well!

Anyway, its real good and I am now feeling the effects of drinking too much ale last night but its all good!

Today Vic, Neil, Iain, Rab, Meg and me all went to the beach to fly kites, have fun and get suitabley sunburnt. it was real fun.
Myself and Meg burying Neil
A burried Neil
Meg with Neil in the background
Me on the big kit with the nappy like harness
Neil teaching Meg to fly the kite!
So I'm off to the mighty Dee tomorrow along with the rest of the kayaking community to have some fun with the Uni canoe club. Should be real fun but another chance for the people going on the trip to the Alps to practice going down some rapids! Gnarly! Anyway should be a nice day out now I have no exams or diss to panic about!

Friday, 18 May 2007

An excellent day!

What an excellent day yesterday was. After a nice session at the galt y glyn pub for Pizza and a Pint we left to loads of rain. Hmmmm oh the possibilities!
I got home the next morning to find that Tom had gone off boating of the squirt kind so got down to some work! Then come 3 o'clock, get a call from Tom downstairs.................."ogwens up"
And what an excellent level it was too.......

Tom, Gaz, myself and Mitch behind the camera

Me sitting back a little too much

Me smilling cheekily after a nice big high brace!

Portage around tree at Scout Hut Bridge

Nice river wide tree, best portaged! Be careful!

An excellent day was had by all and it was topped off by an ace session in spoons drinking cheap ale! Bangor rocks!!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Boating but on a Canal not the Ogwen!

Phew, its been an interesting Easter break from Uni! I came back down to Taunton on 24th March and have been home listening to mum rant about green stuff and wrestling sheep, its been fun. In between I've been working away at the UK's best Motorway Services apparently aka Roadchef!
However the last 3 days I've had a nice constant change of scenery as myself and Bertie, my long haired hippie brother caught a train to Pewsey to join Dad and Maggie on their new canal boat! Its very slow but fun all the same! Heres some pics!

Above a pic of a swan, was a nice evening in Devizes warf!

Dad, Maggie and Bertie

The living area/bedroom. Nice but no shoes!!!!!

Caen Hill, an absolute epic! There should have been a line of pubs down the side!

Westbury white horse, one of the really nice view we had!

Above a boy and mum in an open canoe, I had a little grumble about it to myself at the time, its quite obvious why!
The bottom of Caen Hill

An awesome entrance into Bath this afternoon, which provided a perfect spot for a cuppa tea!

Dads boat, really nice but a little slow and ungnarly for my liking!

I had an ace time but I think its not something I could do too long and too intensively! But nice to do something different!
Lets just hope I get all my uni work done so that I can go out in my boat.
Thats all for now, I know, really boring but oh well!

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Bloody work!

Its so boring! I wish I could do something a little more enjoyable!