Sunday, 30 September 2007

Busy, boring summer........zzzzzzzz

Thought I'd update my blog, is about time and have been pestered by Tom to sort it out so I've just got round to it now.
Been a long summer, mainly working at my "temporary" job at the mighty Roadchef and helping out at home with mums sheep and things. So heres some photos of what I've been up too, very boring............

Mums house in Berrien, Brittany, France. A week spent pointing the brickwork, hard work!!

The front finished, still most left to do..

Meg at a really wet Wakestock, was cool but dont think I'll be going again, its was very chavy and loads of teenagers!!!

Myself and Vic at graduation, it was cool but it rained!!!!

Squirting session, my first, at Flower Potts weir in Exeter. Good fun!

My feeble attempt at a quick video, just some squirt boating at flower potts wier in Exeter.

My first interview was at the museum of East Anglian Life, didn't get it but good experience and a fun day out!

A blurry London Paddington in rush hour.

See its all really fun, my plans now are to pass my driving test, finger crossed on the 3rd of October and then off to Manchester and Bangor! Cant wait!!! Still looking for a proooooper job, we'll jst keep at it, if all else fails I might take some time out in another part of the world next year and get some experiance somewhere cool :)

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