Friday, 22 June 2007

Alps 2007

Thought I'd update the blog as I've had quite an active couple of weeks.
I've now finished University completly which is really quite daunting but had an awesome summer/end of year ball. I got to meet the main man from Wheatus (Brenden i think he's called) and also got to watch the excellent Screaming Citizens, I reccommend them to everyone as they rock!
Anyway the ball was ace and my girlfriend Victoria looked stunning as per usual. Then at 9am the next morning my Dad arrived to give me a lift down south so that I could pack and ready myself for 2 weeks in the sunny French Alps.
Whilst out there we paddled the Upper, middle and lower Guil, the Ubaye racecourse, Fournel, Durance Gorge, Briancon Gorge, middle and lower Claree, sunshine run, upper and lower Guisane. There maybe others but I forget. It was an ace 2 weeks spending the majority of it paddling with Bangor Uni and then the last part with Tom and Leeds and I also spent a day with Sheffield which was cool. We also spent a lot of time drinking some tasty french wine and eating lots of cheese.
Heres some photos............Vic and me at the ball, shame I never look at cameras!

Tom on the ferry

Le car puf

Chataux Q, gorge wasn't for me this year

Woody on the largest drop of the Fournel

Me on the Durance gorge, thats supposedly a grade 5

Neil, Woody, myself and Kieran on the Durance gorge

Bridge over the Ubaye Racecourse!

It was an awesome holiday and now its back to the real world, lets hope we get some sunny weather!

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Flex said...

Wow! Beautiful photos. thank you for taking us with you on your adventure.
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