Saturday, 26 May 2007

End of exams!

Fantastic to finally have finished my final exams of my degree, its been a really quick 3 years, I'm really going to miss being a student, Bangor is great!
I had 4 exams with my last on renewable energy on friday, I like to think they all went pretty well!

Anyway, its real good and I am now feeling the effects of drinking too much ale last night but its all good!

Today Vic, Neil, Iain, Rab, Meg and me all went to the beach to fly kites, have fun and get suitabley sunburnt. it was real fun.
Myself and Meg burying Neil
A burried Neil
Meg with Neil in the background
Me on the big kit with the nappy like harness
Neil teaching Meg to fly the kite!
So I'm off to the mighty Dee tomorrow along with the rest of the kayaking community to have some fun with the Uni canoe club. Should be real fun but another chance for the people going on the trip to the Alps to practice going down some rapids! Gnarly! Anyway should be a nice day out now I have no exams or diss to panic about!

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