Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Boating but on a Canal not the Ogwen!

Phew, its been an interesting Easter break from Uni! I came back down to Taunton on 24th March and have been home listening to mum rant about green stuff and wrestling sheep, its been fun. In between I've been working away at the UK's best Motorway Services apparently aka Roadchef!
However the last 3 days I've had a nice constant change of scenery as myself and Bertie, my long haired hippie brother caught a train to Pewsey to join Dad and Maggie on their new canal boat! Its very slow but fun all the same! Heres some pics!

Above a pic of a swan, was a nice evening in Devizes warf!

Dad, Maggie and Bertie

The living area/bedroom. Nice but no shoes!!!!!

Caen Hill, an absolute epic! There should have been a line of pubs down the side!

Westbury white horse, one of the really nice view we had!

Above a boy and mum in an open canoe, I had a little grumble about it to myself at the time, its quite obvious why!
The bottom of Caen Hill

An awesome entrance into Bath this afternoon, which provided a perfect spot for a cuppa tea!

Dads boat, really nice but a little slow and ungnarly for my liking!

I had an ace time but I think its not something I could do too long and too intensively! But nice to do something different!
Lets just hope I get all my uni work done so that I can go out in my boat.
Thats all for now, I know, really boring but oh well!

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Val Grainger said...

Now then............when did your mother ever rant ;-)?????..........nice pics George