Friday, 16 February 2007

Cwm Llan! An ace way to spend Valentines day!

Sat here contemplating doing work and finishing my masters application, I've decided to update my blog!
I had an ace Tuesday and Wednesday, Tuesday evening being spent at the Beacon climbing centre and then a trip up part of the way up the minors track on Snowdon on Wednesday!! This was to paddle the Cwn Llan with Mitch, Convict (aka Chris Headleand), Sara and Neil! Was an ace day! Here are some of my highlights.......Me on one of the cool slides (all pics by Sara)

Mitch in the last pool of the run! I like this pic, its quite cool in its own special way!

An ace pic, on the walk up to the river, Pic by me! It was a beautiful day!

The Cwm Llan, not very full of water but very enjoyable all the same!

Me on another slide! This one was ace, it had an ace kicker which shot us all through the air!
It was an excellent day and nice to do some boating for once, there's been a serious lack of rain in North Wales ever since the exam period finished, hmmmm seems convenient! Plus I'm still down in the dump about my broken boat so its all good man! I may borrow that boat more in the future!

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Val said...

Hey George
Nice piccys!